9 gorgeous ankara styles ladies are wearing to take over in 2018

Styles are what define women in a world where the fashion industry is cupping in billions every year. In Nigeria, the love for African prints has birthed the most creative pieces the world has ever since.

Every other day, Nigerian ladies step out in dashing styles and when they choose to flaunt their beauty in ankara fabrics, every construction appears like a hit. In this age and time, more women are connecting to the core of themselves and stepping out in the most dazzling way is how best they show they love themselves.

In fact, the fashion these ladies parade themselves in always makes a good lesson for designers and stylists who are looking to break barriers and give their best to clients. They always say inspiration is sometimes difficult but these days, it’s can be found in the next trendy lady one’s gaze can catch.

Hitng.com.ng presents the stylish ankara creations that make 2018 look like the year of fashion and creativity:

1. Flowers are designed to blossom

2. Trendy and chic

3. Fancy mama

4. Classy skater style

5. Woman of valour

6. The daring princess

7. Million dollar fashion

8. Casually slaying

9. African model

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